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Sue Darlison

Designer & maker of fine furniture & objects of loveliness

Sue Darlison: 07816 680659

“For as long as I can remember, creativity has always played an important role in my life.  I began my career by working in advertising as a graphic designer/artist.  Along the way and almost by chance I discovered a passion for working with wood. I knew instantly that I wanted to work with this beautiful ‘living’ material so after completing a four year course in fine furniture design and cabinetmaking at the City of Bristol College, I set up my own studio workshop and have not looked back since.”

Ideas spring from the most unlikely places, be it from natures many shapes and forms, a texture, phrase or even a sound. The challenge of developing them into something beautiful that people engage with and will love to own are what drives my creativity. Bespoke furniture offers more than just functionality. It should always be practical, unique and well crafted but must also touch our senses in some way. I like to think that my work has no creative boundaries. Anything is possible and limited only by our imaginations.  I want my work to fulfil all of this and more…

Much of my work comes from word of mouth recommendations so building a good relationship with clients is of great importance to me. All clients no matter how large or small the project can expect to be treated honestly and fairly. And the journey does not stop once your furniture has been delivered. You can contact me at any time for after sales advice or care.  I always endeavour to work with native timbers that have, wherever possible been locally and/ or sustainably sourced. No endangered timbers are used in my work, no timber is wasted.    My furniture is made to last and I hope will go on to be enjoyed by many future generations.

I also undertake ecclesiastical projects.


City & Guilds Medals of Excellence – Highly commended (silver) 2000
The Gordon Russell award 2000
Axminster GMC Furniture & Cabinetmaking awards – runner up two years

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