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Roundwood Design

Complete dwellings from conception to completion

Tom Redfern: 07971 985310

Roundwood Design use locally sourced timber and a unique manufacturing process to provide precise, strong and durable structures of all shapes and sizes.


With over ten years experience designing and manufacturing a wide variety of round wood timber frames they are able to help realise any scale of project, from complete dwellings through to extraordinary raised platforms and playful towers.


They work with the client to provide exactly what they require, they can manufacture a frame to the specification of an architect's drawings, alternatively they can work with you in the design process to create a building tailored to your needs. They can take on all aspects of a build from design and planning applications through to the finished building. 


Design and Planning

They are able to work from architects drawings or with you directly to develop an idea through to a finished build.

  • Concept design - taking through ideas and showing what is possible.

  • 3D CAD model - they produce a model of each of our designs to help visualise the project and for later use in manufacturing.

  • Planning - they are able to take on all aspects of the planning application process.



  • Each pole is carefully selected to suit its function within the frame.

  • The bark is then removed using a high pressure jet of collected rain water to leave a smooth natural finish.

  • Working from the CAD model every round wood component is cut using our unique and highly accurate machining process.

  • They only remove material where necessary leaving the natural shape and strength of the timber intact.   

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