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A few years ago we commissioned an award winning photographer to document Bower Ashton Wood Yard, it's tenants & other Co-op members.  See the photos page for a visual delight of these, and also a snapshot of the amazing works, from our Tenants and Members.


Wayne Smith of Wayney Edge Design delivered this stunning Oak resin table to a client in the summer.  It was a big achievement for Wayne, his first time using resin, but he is more than happy with the results, and the clients were too!!  It was 3 x 1.2m and took 4 people to lift it, nearly 50 litres of resin used!! see page Work in Pictures


Wayne has a space in the newly opened East Street Emporium, Bedminster.  Pop and visit Wayne, and all the other fellow artisans. It's a really good asset for the area.  

Wayne & Steve Wonfor had a successful time at RHS Malvern Spring Show in May 2022, surrounded by the most beautiful scenery. Pictures on RHS Malvern Spring 2022 Show page. They visited this year 11-14th May 2023, awaiting picture upload!

Alistair Park has been busy with a number of projects, and has some TV show pieces in the making. 

The albatross, see page Work in Pictures, was carved from locally grown and reclaimed timbers and was presented by Triodos Bank UK, as a leaving gift to the CEO of Triodos Bank worldwide. The bird is made from hornbeam, boxwood and has reclaimed blackwood eyes. The base was carved from oak that originally grew at Nether Stowey in the Quantock Hills in Somerset. This is the village that Samuel Taylor Coleridge was living in when he wrote the poems 'The Rime of the Ancient Mariner' and 'Kubla Khan'. As a keen sailor, the retiring CEO might like that the first poem features both a mariner and an albatross.


The 'sign', is made from oak and was installed at Eastville Park in Bristol. The main board shows a small section of a map from 1673, which features a poem in Latin describing the area next to the River Frome, where the sign has now been installed. The board underneath shows a translation of the Latin text into English. All of the carving work was executed using traditional gouges and chisels. See page Work in Pictures.


Members Alistair Park & Tom Redfern from Roundwood Designs were recently involved in a D-Day Anniversary Memorial Installation in Castle Park to mark the commemorations.  See page Work in Pictures.

Use the Contact Page or email Alex if you would like anything to be added to our website or to be featured in a future newsletter.

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