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Bob Slade

Green woodworker, timber miller & design innovator

Bob Slade 07854492288

Bob Slade carves and undertakes green woodworking and, in recent years, has specialised in milling.


He is a founder member of the Forest of Avon Wood Products Co-operative.


He is known for designing the world famous Stanford Shave Horse that you use standing up rather than sitting down. The parts and assembly instructions have been sent as far afield as America and Australia. It was also covered by the Living Woods magazine at the time of its invention.

He has been milling trees for years with the Alaskan Mill for projects in France, Scotland, the Midlands, Wales, Norfolk, Dorset, Bristol and Somerset. 


Under the tutelage of Nigel Howe, a fellow Co-operative member, he gained a lot of experience and knowledge of how to read and assess trees to get the most usable timber out of them.


Bob Slade has a unique approach to milling. For him, no two broadleaf trees are the same and he feel a certain amount of pride and privilege to be the first person to see inside one of those trees after years of growth.


In the past he has worked extensively with fellow Co-operative members, Touchwood Play, helping them to create their distinctive Hollow Log structures.


                                                                                               Services include

                                                                                  On-site mobile milling service

                                                                           Can work on up to 54" diameter trees

                                                                        Planks can be cut up to a thickness of 32"

                                                                                               Milling training

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