Jim O'Shaughnessy

Social forestry consultant

0117 9664318 / 07722859726

Jim O’Shaughnessy is a founder member of Forest of Avon Wood Products Cooperative which established in 1999.

He is now a social forestry Consultant and provides; “Logs for Labour” training and services to landowners and community groups, also Tree Walks and Land Art workshops to businesses and Youth groups. In essence his work helps people connect with their parks, woodlands and trees.

Jim has set up a new social enterprise called Bristol Wood Bank which helps landowners and community groups manage their woodlands and provides “Green Care” opportunities for people wanting to connect with nature and cut their own logs.


He also runs arts workshops in woodlands for all ages.


Former clients include the BBC (Bristol Tree Party), Bristol City Council (Hengrove Park Management Plan and Access Audit), Low Carbon Gordano (Biomass Assessment for North Somerset), Friends of Badocks Wood (Woodland Party and Community Engagement Plan), Knowle West Media Centre and Schumacher Society (Young Schumacher project).


For more information, contact Jim on bristolwoodbank@gmail.com