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Sustainable values

The Co-op uses only reclaimed, waste and locally grown timber from woodlands within a 50 mile radius of Bristol city,

The Co-op takes its name from a forest designation that no longer formally exists, namely the Forest of Avon, as outlined on the map. The term forest here refers to a boundaried area that includes woodland, grassland and urban areas too, which is the traditional concept of a forest.


Besides sustainably managed woodland, local sources of timber come from unexpected places throughout the Bristol area, such as the felled London Plane trees that were removed for the Cabot Circus shopping development in 2006. The Co-op often uses underused resources like this that would otherwise be disposed of.

The Co-op is a member of the Bristol Green Capital Partnership Scheme, and as such we have pledged to help make Bristol a 'low carbon city' with a high quality of life for all.

Co-operative values

The Co-op is committed to support and encourage the growth of the co-operative movement through the promotion of co-operative principles, enterprises and activities. Co-op members pool their assets, skills, work and resources, thereby creating a sharing community that supports each other.

Members readily lend each other tools and the use of a vehicle for an hour, whilst others might help with some free labour lifting heavy timber for another. We find that this nurtures an environment of trust and collective benefit which enhances the working atmosphere and creates a strong community network.

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