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Rooted Furniture

Ian Hayes: 07817 279494

Bespoke fitted and freestanding solid wood furniture

Rooted Furniture is a Bristol based company specialising in bespoke fitted and freestanding solid wood furniture for indoor and outdoor use.


Owner, Ian Hayes, is an experienced designer and maker, who draws inspiration from the natural world to create pieces that celebrate the inherent character and beauty of wood.


Ian works closely with clients to ensure his designs reflect their requirements, and all products are handcrafted with care and attention to the user’s ultimate need.  His knowledge and experience enables him to realise a variety of different projects, and he can offer solutions to suit all budgets.


Sustainability lies at the heart of Rooted Furniture, and Ian mainly works with native hardwoods that come from local, sustainably managed sources.  He also relishes using reclaimed wood, and looks to complement its history while giving it new life.

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