Trunk to Twig

Making the Wood Work

Adrian Morley: 07967 888980

Trunk to Twig uses the whole tree literally from ‘trunk to twig’  handcrafting beautiful pieces of bespoke woodwork for your home, garden or workspace.

Incorporating the beauty and shape of the tree our designs bring a touch of woodland magic to our modern lives.


We enjoy discovering your personal taste, style, and ideas, Creating bespoke designs tailored to your needs.  All with a professional quality and service.

Trunk to Twig can cater to your needs no matter what the size of job from eco building, garden cabins and offices, children’s play structures or fencing to shelves, bespoke quality furniture or flooring ... we’re open to any ideas!

Trunk to Twig loves the environment and we take every bit of care to protect it.  In fact the underlying ethics of our company is enhance the quality, protection and use of natural and innovative ecological woodlands.