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Play Wooden

Ethical wooden games designed to
nurture curiosity and experimental exploration back into our society through play.

Oluwa 07522410945

Play Wooden hires and sells a wide range of ethical wooden games designed to nurture curiosity and experimental exploration back into our society through play that also inspire effective learning from esoteric games from all around the world. Play Wooden fun experience, intergenerational play and team activity is the seed of the notion and acceptance of a better and ecological way of life. Play Wooden play adventure foster meaningful community cohesion and the awareness of the
relationship we have with our natural resources and consumption of those resources. Play Wooden is a proactive advocate for free and diverse play opportunity for children and young people. At Play wooden we know and understand that Play it is
essential for the healthy development of children and young people as it is important for their brain, physical, social cognitive, life skills, motivation frequencies, self-esteem and most importantly for the formation of their personality and dignity. For
this, we believe that it is paramount that we provide them access to various and qualitative play opportunity that is self-led. the children and young people can be free from obstacle if they play and explore. Play Wooden provides children and young people safe equipment and environment to express their curiosity, transform,manipulate, explore and experiment as they wish.
Play Wooden’s games manifest the notion of environmental awareness and respect; from the recycled wood, the games are made from, to the people of all backgrounds who gain skills from making them, to the children and adults who, through the
senses of wooden play, are opened to a new way to use their minds to learn more about themselves and the world around them.
Some of our games are designed for one player taking the individual on a journey of self-adventure and a more intimate understanding of the boundaries and spaces of their minds. While other games encourage leadership and cooperation through the medium of teamwork and participation within a group. Whether you are playing alone or as a team, all the activities create an environment of self-discovery by healthily stimulating the mind, bringing about a calmness that
may even change your perception of reality. It is a real happy celebration.

Play Wooden CIC
Company n.11053353 Emmaus Bristol Business Incubator, Backfield House Upper York Street,
Bristol, BS2 8QJ - Telephone No: +44 7522410945

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