Organic Woodworks

Individually hand crafted artworks

Alex Phillips 07557 966137

Organic Woodworks was born out of Alex Phillip's imagination and passion for natural wood.

In an old sawmill on the outskirts of Bristol in the South West of England, when he gets a chance, Alex uses hand power-carving tools along with traditional wood working tools, passed down from generations to create his organic sculptures. Traditional methods of craftsmanship are employed to make each sculpture and carving. 

Individually hand crafted artwork, each unique piece captures the essence of the wood itself.


Wood is only sourced from native, sustainable and local supplies.  Only natural oils, beeswax and finishes are used.


Woods include Yew, Ash, Oak, Elm, Walnut, Cherry, Beech, London Plane and Pine. Other timbers subject to availability.

His speciality is sourcing and carving extreme spalted timber, where fungal attack and rot has run riot to create fragile yet spectacular grain patterns.


He can make hand and power carved bowls to any size and order.

Alex Phillips is also a very talented builder and enjoys getting involved in community projects such as the recent renovation of the Clifton Downs Shelter as pictured below.