Currently a hobbyist....

Currently I am a hobbyist, but the following are examples of my work to date. It is my wish to
switch my focus to using green wood harvested as part of natural events, such as storm
damaged trees and those removed for safety and other reasons. In particular, I want to build
Welsh-style stick chairs from green oak and ash.  I would only be using timber which has not required trees to be sacrificed, solely for my work, using almost exclusively recycled timber.


Left: Oak stool from oak sourced from Somerset Wood Recycling
Right: Shaker candle stand, turned and jointed from sections of a recycled oak table.
Below Left: Shaker milking stool from recycled table
Below Right: Carving, Age quod agis, or “do what you do”, carved in a section of a recycled window component – Sapele.

Dovetailed tool chest, from a recycled mahogany table bought at auction. Drawer sides are from ash harvested during building work at UWE Bristol.

Carved from Pruned Garden Pear Tree

Bauhaus chess set and board from pear tree in my back garden, plus recycled sapele and harvested field maple tree, removed from UWE Bristol. The darker pieces stained using home-made iron/vinegar stain and strong tea to introduce extra tannin.

Replica of Finn Juhl’s ‘Japan’ chair from sapele recycled window component (in process)