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About Us

The Forest of Avon Wood Products Co-operative is a not-for-profit limited company established in 1999.

Its mission is: "To promote local timber, woodland produce and woodcrafts, and so support the sustainable development of woodlands in the West of England.

The products we produce are high quality and award-winning, and mostly completely bespoke. They range from fine art wood sculptures to high-quality furniture, large scale traditional timber-framing, organic charcoal and firewood. The services we provide include training and educational experiences such as Forest Schools, conservation and sustainable woodland management, coppicing and much more.

The Co-operative is administered from the Bower Ashton Woodyard in Bristol, where several of its members run businesses. You can read about the history of the Co-operative and its unique relationship with the Bower Ashton Woodyard HERE.

The Co-operative consists of a dynamic collection of individuals and their businesses, charities and other organisations, all united in their passion for wood products and woodlands. It is cutting edge in its approach, and has been leading the field since its inception, which you can read about HERE.

Our members are multi-talented and multi-skilled - building a bike shed one moment, creating an automated puppet installation the next. The dynamism created by the network of Co-op members is distinctive and is driven by the innovative use of local timber to create visionary work that inspires our (re)connection with nature and the perennial beauty of wood.  This makes a visit to the Bower Ashton Woodyard and our Co-op events an inspiring experience in itself.

To learn more about our members and their amazing products and services, see our MEMBERS page. To purchase products online please see our PRODUCTS page.

If you are interested in visiting the Woodyard, as an individual or group, please get in touch to arrange a visit. For information about our up-coming events please see our Events section.

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